Enhanced quality of life

Our experts leverage cutting-edge research to identify key factors impacting endometriosis.
From cycles to lifestyle, stress, and more, we personalise your treatment plan for effective symptom management.

Harnessing the power of technology, our AI-driven approach uncovers crucial insights and removes biases to allow for better symptom management, improved outcomes, and more accurate cycle tracking.

Transforming women’s health and empowering millions worldwide

7 - 9

years to be diagnosed with Endometriosis in the UK


millions of women are affected by women chronic conditions


of women would like to have access to psychological support

Benefits of using Sympa Health

Personalised treatment plans:

Sympa Health provides tailored treatment plans based on your unique symptoms and health history, which can help improve the effectiveness of your treatment.

Real-time symptom tracking

The app allows you to track your symptoms in real-time, which can help you identify patterns and triggers, and adjust your treatment plan accordingly.

Expert support

Sympa Health offers expert support from healthcare professionals who specialize in women’s health, providing you with the guidance and advice you need to manage your condition effectively.


As a digital therapeutics app, Sympa Health offers a convenient and flexible way to manage your condition, with no need to visit a doctor’s office or pharmacy.

We need your help.

Learning about you, menstrual journey, and getting your feedback on what we are building will enable us to serve your needs better.

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