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Our mission is crystal clear: revolutionise women’s healthcare

We’re on a mission to empower women with AI driven digital therapeutics, personalised treatment plans, and expert support.

Say goodbye to one-size-fits-all solutions and hello to a world where women manage the symptoms of their chronic conditions.

With our innovative app and state-of-the-art AI technology, we’re here to ensure that every woman receives the care she deserves.

Join us as we redefine what’s possible in women’s healthcare and pave the way for a healthier and happier future.

We are contributing to address:

Embrace the power of digital technology to modernise and advance women’s healthcare.

Our collaborative approach involves forming partnerships with individuals, healthcare providers, and insurers to empower and support the achievement of enduring health and well-being.

Healthcare providers

Leverage data to drive valuable insights, improve outcomes, and optimise resources.


Take control of your own health, manage your symptoms, and improve your quality of life.


Foster a proactive approach to health, reduce the cost of claims, and champion policy-holder support.

Taking care of yourself just got easier

Get insights about your symptoms, get personalised recommendations to permanently change your lifestyle, keep track of your menstrual cycle and how it affects you.


Take a digital assessment to create your profile

Take a short test so we can learn more about your symptoms and uncover what needs your attention.


We use advanced analytics to create your unique plan

By analyzing your health factors we provide you with a customized plan to help manage your symptoms.


Get a personalised companion Coach

You will get ongoing support on your journey to change your habits so that you can improve your well-being.


Taking the pill has stopped my periods entirely however this isn't a long term solution, doesn't solve the root causes and leaves me with lots of awful side effects
Pilot Participant
Most medication prescribed to aid with endo focus on stopping women from having periods at all, this can work however i still experience pain even if i no longer have periods.
Pilot Participant
This has such a huge impact on my life
Pilot Participant
My daughter suffers from painful and very irregular periods. I don't want her to have to revert to drastic surgery like I did.
Pilot Participant
I’ve been told “you have to deal with it”, or “just take pain killers” more times than I should have.
Pilot Participant

Benefits of using Sympa Health:

Personalised treatment plans

We deliver targeted support that addresses your specific health concerns.

Real-time symptom tracking

We analyse your data on health metrics, behaviours, and progress.

Expert support

We offer ongoing support and engagement beyond traditional healthcare settings.


We leverage technology by offering more affordable alternatives for managing chronic conditions

Improved quality of life

We are  tailored to your needs, providing personalised interventions and treatments

We need your help.

Learning about you, menstrual journey, and getting your feedback on what we are building will enable us to serve your needs better.

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