About us

At Sympa Health, we strive to empower women by recognizing the innate strength of their natural hormonal rhythm. We believe that female health encompasses much more than just fertility and reproduction.

Our innovative cycle-companion takes a holistic approach to your daily well-being, providing personalized guidance based on your unique hormonal cycle.

Our solution offers a wealth of resources and tools to support you throughout every phase of your cycle, helping you feel your best every day. We invite you to discover the power of your own hormonal rhythm with Sympa Health.

At Sympa Health, we believe in the power
of technology to help manage the symptoms of endometriosis.
That’s why our AI-powered approach is designed to uncover critical
data points and patterns that may not be immediately apparent.



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Learning about you, menstrual journey, and getting your feedback on what we are building will enable us to serve your needs better.

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